We are Breeders and Importers of Hanoverian Sport Horses. We believe in breeding the best to the best... selecting our mares from the German bloodlines proven to have produced athletes with the correctness of conformation that enable them to perform at the highest levels of their discipline and the temperament to make them willing partners with their riders.

We choose our stallions with equal consideration for athleticism and trainability. We breed to stallions from families that have been Performance Tested generation after generation. All of the stallions we use in our program were on the top 10 percent of their Performance Test class (most were Champion or Reserve Champion of their Licensing and their Performance Test). They have proven themselves in competition, and demonstrated their prepotency by reproducing their talent in their offspring.

We will not compromise on correctness of conformation and soundness, temperament and trainability, nor will we use stallions that may be "fashionable" and "marketable" in the moment but have not proven themselves in competition and/or through their offspring. Our goal is to produce athletes with the inherited potential to excel in their respective discipline for many sound and healthy years.